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  1. Plural form of surrounding.
  2. the area surrounding someone or something, together with the objects and circumstances in the vicinity; the environment or ambiance
  3. (physics) All parts of the universe that are not within the thermodynamic system of interest.

Adjectives for Surroundings

artificial; uncongenial; iron; appalling; felicitous; tropical; sociable; pleasant; superb; smart; cultural; refined; luxurious; tranquil; picturesque; dignified; affectionate; unique; harsh; primitive; grotesque; grander; indulgent; noble; trivial; quaint; frigid; charming; beautiful; dingy; rustic; pastoral; unwonted; inspiring; modern.

Verbs for Surroundings

absorb in—; acclimate to—; acquaint with —; adapt to—; alter—; blind to—; condition by—; contemplate—; darken—; deduce from —; encompass—; engross in—; escape—; explore—; inspect—; orient to—; pervade —; recognize—; reconnoiter—; regard—; rise above—; scan—; scrutinize—; skirt—; survey—; transcend—; —breed; —depress; —enchant; —enthrall; —foster; —impress; —oppress; —suggest; —symbolize.


alentours, ambience, ambit, borderlands, circle, circuit, circumambiencies, circumjacencies, circumstances, compass, context, entourage, environing circumstances, environment, environs, gestalt, habitat, milieu, neighborhood, outposts, outskirts, perimeter, periphery, precincts, purlieus, situation, suburbs, total environment, vicinage, vicinity


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