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Special (comparative more Special, superlative most Special)

  1. Distinguished by a unique or unusual quality.
    a special episode of a television series
  2. Of particular interest or value; certain; dear; beloved; favored.
    Everyone is special to someone.
  3. (euphemisms) Retarded; mentally handicapped
    He goes to a special school.
  4. Constituting or relating to a species.
    The seven dark spots is a special property unique to Coccinella septempunctata.

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Special (plural Specials)
  1. A reduction in consumer cost (usually for a limited time) for items or services rendered.
    We're running a special on turkey for Thanksgiving.
  2. (broadcasting) Unusual or exceptional episode of a series
  3. (UK, colloquial) A special constable.
  4. Anything that is not according to normal practice, plan, or schedule, as an unscheduled run of transportation that is normally scheduled.
    Thousands came to the special that carried the President's coffin.


Amtrak, absolute, another, article, article of commerce, article of merchandise, baggage train, best, bizarre, bosom, cable railroad, categorical, celebrated, celebratory, certain, characteristic, choo-choo, classificational, classificatory, close, closest, cog railroad, cog railway, commodity, concerted, concrete, conspicuous, curious, daily, daily newspaper, dear, defined, defining, definite, deliberate, denominative, designated, detailed, determinate, determined, devoted, different, differential, distinct, distinctive, distinctively, distinguished, divisional, divisionary, drug, el, electric, electric train, elevated, else, eminent, esoteric, especial, esteemed, estimable, exact, exceptional, exclusive, express, express train, extra, extra edition, extraordinary, faithful, feature, festive, finicky, fixed, flier, freight, freight train, freighter, full, funicular, fussy, gala, gazette, good, goods train, idiosyncratic, important, individual, inimitable, inner, interurban, intimate, item, lead item, leader, leading card, lightning express, limited, local, loss leader, loyal, main feature, major, marked, memorable, meticulous, metro, milk train, minute, momentous, monorail, national newspaper, neighborhood newspaper, news, newspaper, newspaper of record, nice, noble, not that sort, not the same, not the type, notable, noteworthy, occasional, odd, of a sort, of another sort, of mark, of sorts, ordinal, other, other than, otherwise, outstanding, paper, paramount, parliamentary, parliamentary train, particular, particularly, passenger train, peculiar, personal, picayune, pointed, precise, prestigious, primary, prime, private, product, prominent, rack-and-pinion railroad, rag, railroad train, rare, rattler, red-letter, remarkable, rememberable, reputable, respective, rolling stock, salient, seconds, set, several, sheet, shuttle, shuttle train, signal, significant, singular, solipsistic, special edition, speciality, specialized, specially, specific, specifically, standard article, staple, staple item, staunch, steadfast, strange, streamliner, striking, subdivisional, subway, sui generis, tabloid, taxonomic, telling, train, tube, typal, typical, uncommon, unconventional, underground, unforgettable, unique, unorthodox, unusual, valued, vendible, ware, way train, weekly, weekly newspaper, weird


From Middle English, from Old French especial (whence also French spécial), from Latin specialis (from species, speciei). Used in English since the 13th century.




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