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Skewer (plural Skewers)
  1. A long pin, normally made of metal or wood, used to secure food during cooking.
  2. (chess) A scenario in which a piece attacks a more valuable piece which, if it moves aside, reveals a less valuable piece.


Skewer (third-person singular simple present Skewers, present participle Skewering, simple past and past participle Skewered)

  1. To impale on a skewer.
  2. (chess) To attack a piece which has a less valuable piece behind it.


articulate, auger, batten, batten down, bite, bolt, bore, broach, buckle, butt, button, clasp, cleat, clip, countersink, dovetail, drill, empierce, fix, gore, gouge, gouge out, hasp, hinge, hitch, hole, honeycomb, hook, impale, jam, joint, lance, latch, lock, miter, mortise, nail, needle, peg, penetrate, perforate, pierce, pin, pink, prick, punch, puncture, rabbet, ream, ream out, riddle, rivet, run through, scarf, screw, sew, snap, spear, spike, spit, stab, staple, stick, stitch, tack, tap, toggle, transfix, transpierce, trepan, trephine, wedge, zipper