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Puncture (plural Punctures)
  1. A hole, cut, or tear created by a sharp object.
    I got a puncture in my bicycle tire and had to walk home.
    • 2001, Ken Follett, Jackdaws, Dutton, ISBN 0525946284, page 340,
      Dieter's car had suffered a puncture on the RN3 road between Paris and Meaux. A bent nail was stuck in the tire.


Derived terms


Puncture (third-person singular simple present punctures, present participle puncturing, simple past and past participle punctured)

  1. To pierce; to break through; to tear a hole.
    The needle punctured the balloon instantly.

Derived terms


abrade, abrasion, acupunctuation, acupuncture, auger, bark, belie, birthmark, bite, blaze, blaze a trail, blemish, bloody, blotch, blow sky-high, blow up, bore, boring, brand, break, bring up short, broach, burn, caste mark, cave, cave in, chafe, chalk, chalk up, check, check off, checkmark, chip, cicatrix, cicatrize, claw, collapse, concussion, countersink, crack, crackle, craze, cut, dapple, dash, define, deflate, delimit, demarcate, destroy, discolor, discoloration, disconfirm, discourage, discredit, disillusion, disprove, dot, drill, drill hole, earmark, empierce, empiercement, engrave, engraving, explode, expose, fall in, fix, fixing, flash burn, fleck, flick, fold, fold up, fracture, fray, frazzle, freckle, fret, gall, gash, go through, gore, goring, gouge, gouge out, graving, hack, hatch, hole, honeycomb, humble, hurt, impale, impalement, implode, impress, imprint, incise, incision, injure, injury, invalidate, jab, jot, lacerate, laceration, lance, lancing, leak, lentigo, lesion, line, macula, maim, make a mark, make mincemeat of, mark, mark off, mark out, marking, maul, mole, mortal wound, mottle, mutilate, mutilation, needle, negate, negative, nevus, nick, notch, opening, patch, pencil, penetrate, penetration, pepper, perforate, perforation, pierce, piercing, pink, point, polka dot, prick, pricking, print, prove the contrary, punch, punching, punctuate, puncturing, ream, ream out, rend, rent, riddle, rip, ruin, run, run through, rupture, savage, scald, scar, scarification, scarify, scorch, score, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratching, scuff, seal, seam, second-degree burn, shoot, show up, skewer, skewering, skin, slash, slit, sore, spear, speck, speckle, spike, spit, splash, splotch, spot, sprain, stab, stab wound, stabbing, stain, stamp, stick, stigma, stigmatize, strain, strawberry mark, streak, striate, stripe, tap, tattoo, tattoo mark, tear, terebration, third-degree burn, tick, tick off, tittle, trace, transfix, transfixation, transfixion, transforation, transpierce, trauma, traumatize, trepan, trepanning, trephine, trephining, undercut, underline, underscore, watermark, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench


  • (RP) IPA: /ˈpʌŋktʃə/
  • (US) IPA: /ˈpʌŋktʃɚ/
  • noicon(file)
  • Hyphenation: punc‧ture







  1. vocative masculine singular of punctūrus