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Promenade (plural Promenades)
  1. Formal term for a prom, a dance.
  2. A place where one takes a walk for leisurely pleasure, or for exercise.
    • 1900, Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams, Avon Books, (translated by James Strachey) pg. 235:
      The present dream in particular scarcely left any room for doubt, since the place where my patient fell was the Graben, a part of Vienna notorious as a promenade for prostitutes.
  3. A dance motion consisting of a walk done while square dancing.



Promenade (third-person singular simple present Promenades, present participle promenading, simple past and past participle promenaded)

  1. To walk.
  2. To perform the stylized walk of a square dance.

Derived terms

Adjectives for Promenade

mental; solitary; public; sociable; daily; amorous; fashionable.


airing, alameda, amble, bal, bal costume, bal masque, ball, barn dance, beaten path, beaten track, berm, bicycle path, boardwalk, boulevard, bridle path, caravan, catwalk, cavalcade, column, constitutional, cortege, country dance, dance, defile, display, dress parade, esplanade, fancy-dress ball, fastwalk, file, file off, flaunt, flyover, foot pavement, footpath, footway, forced march, funeral, garden path, go on parade, groove, hike, hiking trail, hop, jaunt, line, mall, march, march past, mask, masked ball, masque, masquerade, masquerade ball, mixer, motorcade, mule train, mush, pack train, parade, path, pathway, perambulate, peripatetic journey, peripateticism, pomp, prado, procession, prom, public walk, ramble, record hop, review, run, runway, rut, saunter, schlep, shindig, shindy, show off, sidewalk, skimmington, square dance, stag dance, stream, stretch, stretch the legs, string, stroll, strut, take a stretch, take a walk, tea dance, the dansant, towing path, towpath, track, trail, train, traipse, tramp, trottoir, trudge, turn, walk, walking tour, walkway


French promenade, from promener (to walk).


  • (UK) IPA: /prɔməˈnɑːd/, SAMPA: /prOm@"nA:d/
  • (US) IPA: /prɔməˈneɪd/, SAMPA: /prOm@"neId/
  • (UK) Rhymes: -ɑːd
  • (US) Rhymes: -eɪd

Compare with tomato.






Promenade f. (plural Promenades)

  1. walk; stroll (walk for enjoyment)