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Plush (comparative plusher, superlative plushest)

  1. very extravagant
  2. very expensive, or appearing expensive
    • They lived in a plush apartment complex.


plush (no plural)

  1. A textile fabric with a nap or shag on one side, longer and softer than the nap of velvet.
  2. a type of child’s toy, filled with soft material, usually an animal
    plush animal
    • 1922, Margery Williams , The Velveteen Rabbit
      That night the Boy slept in a different bedroom, and he had a new bunny to sleep with him. It was a splendid bunny, all white plush with real glass eyes, but the Boy was too excited to care very much about it.

Adjectives for Plush

moth-eaten; restful.


Babylonian, Corinthian, awe-inspiring, awful, barbaric, blubber, breeze, butter, classy, clay, costly, cottony, cushion, deluxe, dough, down, eiderdown, elaborate, elegant, extravagant, fancy, feather bed, feathers, fine, fleece, floss, flue, fluff, foam, glorious, grand, grandiose, imposing, impressive, kapok, lavish, luscious, lush, luxuriant, luxurious, magnificent, majestic, noble, opulent, palatial, pillow, plushy, posh, princely, proud, pudding, puff, putty, regal, rich, ritzy, rubber, satin, satinlike, satiny, sericeous, silk, silken, silklike, silky, soft as silk, splendacious, splendid, splendiferous, stately, sumptuous, superb, superfancy, superfine, swank, swanky, swansdown, swell, thistledown, velutinous, velvet, velvetlike, velvety, wax, wool, zephyr


  • Rhymes: -ʌʃ


Derived terms