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Maintain (third-person singular simple present Maintains, present participle Maintaining, simple past and past participle Maintained)

  1. To keep up; to preserve (a state, condition etc.).
  2. To declare or affirm (a clause) to be true; to assert.

Adverbs for Maintain

stubbornly; willfully; inexorably; unreservedly; automatically; gallantly; scrupulously; peremptorily; diabolically; resolutely; unblushingly; stoutly; intensely; ignorantly; vigorously; inflexibly; normally; agreeably; perpetually; progressively; jealously; adequately.


abide, accommodate, account as, advocate, affirm, afford, afford support, allege, allege in support, announce, answer, argue, argue for, assert, asseverate, assume, aver, avouch, avow, back, back up, be afraid, bear, bear out, bear up, bide, blow to, bolster, bolster up, bottle up, brace, brook no denial, buoy up, buttress, care for, carry, carry on, champion, claim, clothe, conceive, conserve, consider, contend, contend for, continue, continue to be, contribute, copyright, cork up, correct, counter, cradle, crutch, cultivate, cushion, daresay, declare, deem, defeat time, defend, defy time, donate, dwell, emphasize, endow, endure, enunciate, espouse, esteem, estimate, exist, expect, express, extend, fancy, fight for, fill, fill up, finance, find, fund, furnish, give, give support, go on, go treat, guard, guess, have, have a hunch, have an idea, have an impression, have an inkling, have the idea, hold, hold as, hold in, hold on, hold out, hold up, husband, imagine, inhibit, insist, insist on, insist upon, invest, issue a manifesto, judge, justify, keep, keep afloat, keep alive, keep going, keep in, keep intact, keep inviolate, keep on, keep safe, keep up, last, last long, last out, lay down, lend support, lengthen, live, live on, live through, lock in, look after, look upon as, mainstay, make a plea, make available, make provision for, manage, manifesto, not destroy, not endanger, not expend, not use up, not waste, nurture, opine, patent, perpetuate, persist, persist in, pillow, plead for, predicate, prepare, present, preserve, press, presume, prevail, proclaim, profess, prolong, pronounce, prop, prop up, protect, protest, protract, provide, provide for, put, put it, rebut, reckon, recruit, rectify, refute, regard, register, reinforce, remain, replenish, reply, repress, respond, retain, right, riposte, run, run on, save, save up, say, say in defense, set down, set down as, set up, shore, shore up, shoulder, spare, speak, speak for, speak out, speak up, speak up for, stand, stand by, stand drinks, stand for, stand on, stand to, stand treat, stand up for, state, stay, stay on, stick to, stick up for, stock, store, stress, submit, subsidize, subsist, subvention, supply, support, suppose, suppress, surmise, survive, suspect, sustain, take, take care of, take for, take it, take no denial, tarry, testify, think, tide over, treat, treat to, trow, underlie, underpin, uphold, upkeep, urge, urge reasons for, view as, vindicate, vouchsafe, warrant, wear, wear well, ween, yield