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  1. Present participle of jar.


Jarring (plural Jarrings)
  1. An act of jarring (in any sense).
    The jarring of peaches took place at the end of the season.


Jarring (comparative more Jarring, superlative most Jarring)

  1. That jars (clashes or disagrees); incongruous, conflictful.


agitating, ajar, antagonistic, antipathetic, astonishing, at cross-purposes, at loggerheads, at odds, at variance, at war, bouncy, breathtaking, bumpy, charged, choppy, clashing, cliff-hanging, conflicting, confused, contradictory, contrary, cranky, cross, differing, disaccordant, disagreeable, disagreeing, discordant, discrepant, disharmonious, disproportionate, disquieting, dissident, dissonant, distracting, disturbing, divergent, dry, electric, electrifying, exciting, exhilarating, galvanic, grating, grinding, harsh, heady, heart-expanding, heart-stirring, heart-swelling, heart-thrilling, hoarse, hostile, immiscible, impressive, inaccordant, incompatible, inflammatory, inharmonious, intoxicating, jangling, jangly, jogglety, joggling, joggly, jolting, jolty, jostling, maddening, mind-blowing, moving, negative, nerve-jangling, nerve-racking, nerve-rending, nerve-shaking, nerve-trying, out of accord, out of whack, overcoming, overmastering, overpowering, overwhelming, perturbing, piquant, provocative, provoking, rasping, raspy, raucous, ravishing, repugnant, rough, scraping, scrapy, scratching, scratchy, shocking, soul-stirring, spirit-stirring, staggering, startling, stimulating, stimulative, stirring, strident, stridulous, striking, stunning, surprising, suspenseful, suspensive, tantalizing, telling, thrilling, thrilly, troubling, uncongenial, unharmonious, unsettling, upsetting, variant, warring