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Inflict (third-person singular simple present Inflicts, present participle Inflicting, simple past and past participle Inflicted)

  1. To thrust upon; to impose.
    They inflicted terrible pains on her to obtain a confession.

Adverbs for Inflict

thoughtlessly; painfully; cruelly; heavily; superfluously; unpleasantly; perniciously.


accomplish, achieve, administer, afflict, apply, bring, bring about, bring off, bring to pass, bring upon, burden with, charge, commit, deal, deliver, demand, do, do to, effect, effectuate, enjoin, exact, expose, fasten upon, force, force upon, freight with, give, go and do, impose, impose on, impose upon, inflict on, inflict upon, lay, lay on, levy, make, pay, perpetrate, place, produce, pull off, put, put down, put on, put upon, realize, render, saddle with, set, strike, subject, subject to, take and do, task, tax, trouble, up and do, visit, visit upon, weight down with, wreak, wreck, yoke with