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  1. Present participle of impose.


Imposing (comparative more Imposing, superlative most Imposing)

  1. Magnificent and impressive because of appearance, size, stateliness or dignity.

Adverbs for Imposing

splendidly; brilliantly; tremendously; magnificently; sublimely; incomparably; undeniably; satisfactorily; carefully; sensationally; dramatically; solemnly; remarkably; grandly; nobly; significantly; eminently; signally; immensely; enormously.


Babylonian, Corinthian, adipose, aristocratic, arty, august, awe-inspiring, awful, barbaric, baronial, beefy, big, big-bellied, bloated, blowzy, bosomy, brawny, burly, buxom, chubby, chunky, commanding, corpulent, courtly, deluxe, dignified, distended, dumpy, earnest, effective, elaborate, elegant, extravagant, fancy, fat, fatal, fateful, fattish, fine, fleshy, formidable, full, glorious, grand, grandiose, grave, gross, heavy, heavyset, hefty, high, hippy, imperial, impressive, kingly, lordly, lusty, luxurious, magisterial, magnificent, majestic, meaty, moving, noble, obese, overblown, overweight, palatial, paunchy, plump, plush, podgy, portentous, portly, posh, potbellied, princely, proud, pudgy, puffy, pursy, queenly, regal, ritzy, roly-poly, rotund, royal, sedate, serious, sober, solemn, sounding, splendacious, splendid, splendiferous, square, squat, squatty, stalwart, stately, statuesque, stocky, stout, strapping, sumptuous, superb, superfancy, superfine, swank, swanky, swell, swollen, thick-bodied, thickset, top-heavy, tubby, venerable, weighty, well-fed, worthy


  • Rhymes: -əʊzɪŋ