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Hide (third-person singular simple present hides, present participle hiding, simple past hid, past participle hidden)

  1. (transitive) To put (something) in a place where it will be harder to discover or out of sight.
    He hides his magazines under the bed.
    The politicians were accused of keeping information hidden from the public.
    • 1856: Gustave Flaubert , Madame Bovary , Part III Chapter XI, translated by Eleanor Marx-Aveling
      The blind man, whom he had not been able to cure with the pomade, had gone back to the hill of Bois-Guillaume, where he told the travellers of the vain attempt of the druggist, to such an extent, that Homais when he went to town hid himself behind the curtains of the "Hirondelle" to avoid meeting him.
  2. (intransitive) To put oneself in a place where one will be harder to find or out of sight.



Derived terms


Hide (plural Hides)
  1. (countable) The skin of an animal.
  2. (countable) (mainly British) A covered structure from which hunters, birdwatchers, etc can observe animals without scaring them.
  3. A medieval land measure equal to the amount of land that could sustain one free family; usually 100 acres. Forty hides equalled a barony.


Derived terms

Adjectives for Hide

tawny; spotted; shaggy; strange-colored; swarthy; horny; silken; callous; precious; crafty; withered; tanned.

Adverbs for Hide

effectually; obscurely; modestly; instinctively; completely; craftily; skillfully; subtly; avariciously.


Australian seal, Leatherette, Leatheroid, accumulate, amass, backlog, be consumed, be gone, be incognito, bearskin, beat, beat all hollow, beat hollow, beaver, beaverette, becloud, befog, best, black fox, black marten, black sable, blanket, blind, block, blot out, brook mink, buckskin, burrow, bury, cache, calf, calfskin, camouflage, capeskin, cat, cease, cease to be, cease to exist, chinchilla, chinchillette, cloak, cloud, coast seal, coat, collect, conceal, coney, cover, cover up, cowhide, cumulate, curtain, cuticle, deerskin, defeat, dematerialize, depart, dermis, destroy, die, die away, die out, disappear, disguise, dispel, disperse, dissemble, dissipate, dissolve, distract attention from, ditch, do a fade-out, do in, doeskin, dress down, drop from sight, drub, dwindle, eclipse, electric seal, ensconce, enshroud, entomb, envelop, ermine, erode, evanesce, evaporate, exit, fade, fade away, fade out, fell, fix, flagellate, flail, flax, flee, fleece, flesh, flog, fly, fox, fur, furring, furs, garner, garner up, gather into barns, genet, give a dressing-down, gloss over, go, go away, go into hiding, go to ground, go underground, goatskin, harbor, heap up, hibernate, hide away, hide out, hoard, hoard up, hold, hole up, hors de combat, hush up, imitation fur, imitation leather, integument, inter, jacket, jaguar, keep, keep quiet, keep secret, keep under cover, lambaste, lapin, larrup, lash, lather, lay up, leather, leather paper, leave no trace, leave the scene, leopard, lick, lie, lie close, lie doggo, lie hid, lie low, lie snug, lodge, lurk, mantle, marmot, marten, mask, masquerade, melt, melt away, merino, mink, mole, moleskin, monkey, muskrat, nutria, obfuscate, obscure, occult, otter, outclass, outdo, outer layer, outer skin, outfight, outgeneral, outmaneuver, outpoint, outrun, outsail, outshine, paddle, pass, pass away, pass out, pelt, peltry, pelts, perish, pigskin, pile up, plant, play peekaboo, put, put up, rabbit, rabbitskin, raccoon, rawhide, remain anonymous, repress, retire from sight, rind, ruin, sable, save, save up, scourge, screen, seclude, secrete, settle, shade, shagreen, sheath, sheepskin, shelter, shield, shroud, silence, sink, sink away, sit tight, skin, skin alive, skins, skunk, slur over, squirrel, squirrel away, stash, stay in hiding, stock up, stockpile, store up, stripe, suffer an eclipse, suppress, take cover, tan, tegument, thrash, tiger, treasure, treasure up, trim, triumph over, trounce, undo, vair, vanish, vanish from sight, varnish, veil, wallop, waste, waste away, wear a mask, wear away, wear out, welt, whale, whip, white fox, whitewash, wool, worst


Etymology 1

Middle English hiden, from Old English hȳdan (a weak verb; strong endings in modern English come by analogy with ride etc.), from Proto-Germanic *hūdijanan (cf. Low German (ver)hüen, Swedish hysa), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)keudh- (cf. Welsh cuddio 'to hide', Ancient Greek keúthein 'to conceal', Sanskrit kuharam 'cave'), from *(s)keu- 'to cover'. More at sky.

Etymology 2

From Old English hȳd, from Proto-Germanic *hūdiz (cf. West Frisian hûd, Dutch huid, German Haut), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)keu-t- 'skin, hide' (cf. Welsh cwd 'scrotum', Latin cutis 'skin', Lithuanian kutỹs 'purse, money-belt', Ancient Greek κύτος (kýtos) 'hollow vessel', skŷtos 'cover, hide'), from *(s)keu- 'to cover'. More at sky.



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