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Heady (comparative headier, superlative headiest)

  1. intoxicating or stupefying
    • The cocktail was a heady mixture of spirits.
  2. tending to upset the mind or senses
    • We looked out from a heady outcrop of rock.
  3. exhilarating
    • The rock concert was a heady mixture of their greatest hits.
  4. intellectual
    • Kierkegaard is rather heady reading for a high school student.
  5. rash or impetuous
    • He made too heady promises, and when it came time, he was never able to fulfill them.

Derived terms


agitating, astute, barmy, breathtaking, cagey, charged, cliff-hanging, disobedient, disquieting, distracting, disturbing, electric, exciting, exhilarating, foam-flecked, foamy, frothy, galvanic, headstrong, heart-expanding, heart-stirring, heart-swelling, heart-thrilling, impressive, inebriant, inebriating, inebriative, inflammatory, insubordinate, intoxicating, intoxicative, irresponsible, jarring, jolting, lathery, lawless, licentious, maddening, mind-blowing, moving, mutinous, overcoming, overmastering, overpowering, overwhelming, perspicacious, perturbing, piquant, provocative, provoking, rampant, ravishing, reinless, sagacious, savvy, self-willed, soapsuddy, soapsudsy, soapy, soul-stirring, spirit-stirring, spumose, spumous, spumy, stimulating, stimulative, stirring, striking, suddy, sudsy, suspenseful, suspensive, tantalizing, telling, thrilling, thrilly, troubling, unaccountable, unbridled, unchecked, uncontrolled, uncurbed, undisciplined, ungoverned, unreined, unrestrained, unsettling, upsetting, wildcat, willful, yeasty


  • Rhymes: -ɛdi