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to get away

  1. (literally) To move away (from).
    Get away from the edge of the cliff!
    Get away from me!
  2. (with from when used with an object) To avoid capture; to escape (from).
    Surround the bank! Don't let the robber get away!
    I almost caught the critter, but it got away from me.
  3. (with to when used with an object) To take a break from one's present circumstances; to journey (to), especially on holiday.
    This place is really getting me down. I need to get away for a while.
    Next weekend we're hoping to get away to the seaside.
  4. To start moving; to depart.
    The train got away exactly on time.
  5. To slip from one's control.
    I can't cope any more. Things are getting away from me.


Get away

  1. Expressing disbelief.
    You bought that for twenty pounds? Get away!
  2. Sarcastically express disbelief, often to indicate that another's statement was obvious.
    The surface of the sun is very hot.
    Get away.


bail out, be getting along, beg, blow, break away, break jail, break loose, buzz off, circumvent, come away, cut loose, depart, ditch, double, elude, escape, escape prison, evade, exit, flee, fly the coop, gang along, get along, get around, get away from, get clear of, get free, get off, get on, get out, get out of, get under way, go, go along, go away, go off, go on, jump, leave, make a getaway, march off, mosey, move away, move off, move out, pull out, quit, retire, sashay, sashay off, shake, shake off, shuffle out of, skip, skirt, slip the collar, stagger along, take flight, take wing, toddle along, up and go, wing it, withdraw

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