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Fraction (plural Fractions)
  1. A part of a whole, especially a comparatively small part.
    • 1992, Rudolf M. Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America: East of the Hundredth Meridian, volume V, page vii
  2. (arithmetic) A ratio of two integers, the numerator and the denominator, usually written one above the other and separated by a vinculum (horizontal bar)
  3. (chemistry) A component of a mixture, separated by fractionation.
  4. In a eucharistic service, the breaking of the host.
  5. A small amount.


Fraction (third-person singular simple present Fractions, present participle Fractioning, simple past and past participle Fractioned)

  1. To divide or break into fractions.

Adjectives for Fraction

insignificant; minute; undue; slender; mixed.

Verbs for Fraction

break into—s; denote—; diminish to—; dispense with—; dispute—; divide into—s; dwindle to—; express—; include-; indicate—; instruct in observe—; piece into-; -irks; —puzzles; measure by-s; reduce to —.

Synonyms for Fraction

percentage, section, part, segment, bit, piece, division, portion.

Antonyms for Fraction

whole, all, total, entirety.

Derived terms

Related terms


algebraic number, arithmetical proportion, cardinal, cardinal number, complex number, component, contingent, continued fraction, cross section, defective number, detachment, detail, division, dole, even number, finite number, geometric ratio, harmonic proportion, imaginary number, impair, improper fraction, infinity, installment, integer, irrational, irrational number, item, mixed number, ordinal, pair, parcel, part, particular, percent, percentage, polygonal number, portion, prime number, proportion, pure imaginary, quadrant, quarter, quota, quotum, random sample, rate, ratio, rational, rational number, real, real number, rectangular number, remainder, round number, rule of three, sample, sampling, section, sector, segment, serial number, share, subdivision, subgroup, subspecies, surd, transcendental number, transfinite number, whole number


From Middle English fraccioun (a breaking), from Anglo-Norman, from Latin fractio (a breaking, a breaking into pieces, in Medieval Latin. a fragment, portion), from frangere (to break), past participle fractus.


  • enPR: frăkʹshən, IPA: /ˈfræk.ʃən/, SAMPA: /"fr{kS@n/
  • Rhymes: -ækʃən



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Fraction f. (plural Fractions)

  1. fraction (small amount)
    Je me suis endormi pendant une fraction de secondes.
  2. (mathematics) fraction
    En divisant deux par trois, on obtient une fraction irréductible.
  3. fraction, breakup

Derived terms