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Floss (plural Flosses)
  1. a thread, used to clean the area between the teeth
  2. (raw) silk fibres
  3. the fibres covering a corn cob
  4. Any thread-like material having parallel strands that are not spun or wound around each other.
    embroidery floss
  5. (UK) Spun sugar or cotton candy, especially in the phrase "candy floss".


Floss (third-person singular simple present flosses, present participle flossing, simple past and past participle flossed)

  1. To clean the area between the teeth using floss.
  2. (African American Vernacular) To show off, especially by exhibiting one’s wealth or talent.

Related terms


blubber, breeze, butter, clay, cushion, dough, down, eiderdown, feather bed, feathers, fleece, flue, fluff, foam, fur, fuzz, kapok, lint, pile, pillow, plush, pudding, puff, putty, rubber, satin, silk, swansdown, thistledown, velvet, wax, wool, zephyr