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Fertility (uncountable)
  1. The condition, or the degree of being fertile.
    Muckspreadng increases the fertility of the soil.
  2. The birthrate of a population; the number of live births per 1000 people per year.


Derived terms

Adjectives for Fertility

triumphant; personal; exuberant; teeming; superior; incredible; inexhaustible; dauntless; absolute; amazing; singular; improved; intellectual; unrivaled; incomparable.


abundance, affluence, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplitude, avalanche, bonanza, bountifulness, bountiousness, bumper crop, cloud of words, copiousness, creativeness, creativity, diffuseness, diffusion, diffusiveness, effusion, effusiveness, extravagance, exuberance, fecundity, fertile mind, flood, flow, fluency, foison, formlessness, fructiferousness, fruitfulness, full measure, fullness, generosity, generousness, great abundance, great plenty, gush, gushing, ingenuity, invention, inventiveness, landslide, lavishness, liberality, liberalness, logorrhea, lots, lushness, luxuriance, macrology, maximum, more than enough, much, myriad, myriads, numerousness, opulence, opulency, originality, outpour, outpouring, overflow, palilogy, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, plenty, pleonasm, pregnancy, pregnant imagination, prevalence, procreativeness, prodigality, productive capacity, productiveness, productivity, profuseness, profusion, prolificacy, prolificity, quantities, rampancy, rankness, redundancy, reiteration, reiterativeness, repetition for effect, repetitiveness, repleteness, repletion, resourcefulness, rich harvest, rich vein, richness, riot, riotousness, scads, shower, spate, stream, substantiality, substantialness, superabundance, superfluity, superflux, swarmingness, talkativeness, tautology, teeming imagination, teeming womb, teemingness, tirade, wealth


  • (US) IPA: /fɚːˈtɪləti/, SAMPA: /f@`:"tIl@ti/


The translations below need to be checked.

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