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Farcical (comparative more Farcical, superlative most Farcical)

  1. resembling a farce; ludicrous; absurd
    The actions of politicians in office are a farcical joke to most of their constituents.

Adverbs for Farcical

comically; laughably; ridiculously; ludicrously; fantastically; outlandishly; noisily; boisterously; uproariously; racily; ribaldly; coarsely; satirically; genially; socially; brilliantly; crudely; gayly; solemnly; gloriously; hilariously; spectacularly; luminously; nonsensically; extravagantly; preposterously; senselessly; ironically; cleverly; waggishly; facetiously; merrily; jocosely; whimsically; drolly; bombastically; irresistibly; tremendously.

Synonyms for Farcical

ludicrous, hilarious, foolish, absurd, extravagant, comic, ridiculous, droll, funny.

Antonyms for Farcical

sad, melancholy, tragic, sober.


absurd, amusing, broad, burlesque, camp, campy, caricatural, comic, comical, doggerel, droll, extravagant, foolish, funny, humorous, laughable, light, ludicrous, macaronic, mock-heroic, nonsensical, outrageous, parodic, preposterous, ridiculous, risible, satiric, silly, slapstick, tragicomic


From farce + -ic-al, after comical, etc.


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