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Exploit (plural Exploits)
  1. A heroic or extraordinary deed.
  2. An achievement.
  3. (computing) A program or technique that exploits a vulnerability in other software.


Exploit (third-person singular simple present Exploits, present participle Exploiting, simple past and past participle Exploited)

  1. (transitive) To use for one’s own advantage.


Adjectives for Exploit

boldest; illustrious; quick-witted; antique; ludicrous; memorable; heroic; jocular; gigantic; engineering; dread; phenomenal; daring; dashing; transcendent; brilliant; decisive; hazardous; exuberant; unmatched; imagined; valorous; news; psychic; hair-raising; atrocious; spectacular.

Adjectives for Exploit

achieve—; boast of—; close—; conceive—; design—; dream of—; perform—; plot—; recount—; resent—; set forth—s of; share in—; succeed in—; witness—; view—; —reverberates.

Adjectives for Exploit

unethically; arrogantly; fully; indefensibly; ruthlessly; profitably; assiduously; cleverly; industrially; competitively; agriculturally; capitalistically; unreasonably; hideously; nationally; unscrupulously.


abuse, accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, acta, action, adventure, apply, aristeia, attainment, beguile, benefit from, bestow, bleed, bleed white, blow, bold stroke, capitalize on, cash in on, clip, coup, cultivate, dealings, deed, do, doing, doings, drain, effort, employ, emprise, endeavor, enterprise, exercise, fait accompli, feat, finesse, fleece, gest, go, gouge, hand, handiwork, handle, heroic act, hold up, ill-use, impose, impose upon, improve, improve the occasion, job, jockey, make capital of, make hay, make use of, maneuver, manipulate, measure, milk, misuse, move, operation, overcharge, overprice, overt act, overtax, passage, performance, play, play on, presume upon, proceeding, production, profit by, profiteer, put to advantage, res gestae, screw, skin, soak, step, stick, sting, stroke, stunt, suck dry, surcharge, swindle, take advantage of, thing, thing done, tour de force, trade on, transaction, turn, turn to account, turn to profit, turn to use, undertaking, use, use ill, use to advantage, utilize, venture, victimize, work, work on, work upon, works