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Expend (third-person singular simple present Expends, present participle Expending, simple past and past participle Expended)

  1. To consume or exhaust some resource.
  2. (transitive, rare) To spend or disburse money.

Adverbs for Expend

usefully; lavishly; prodigally; unwisely; honestly; modestly; extravagantly; frugally; annually; prudently; unreasonably; unfortunately; judiciously.


ablate, absorb, assimilate, bestow, bleed white, blow, budget, burn up, consecrate to, consume, cost, cost out, dedicate to, deplete, devote, digest, disburse, disbursement, dish out, dispense, dissipate, distribute, drain, drain of resources, eat, eat up, employ, erode, exhaust, expenditure, finish, finish off, fork out, give, give over to, give to, go, go through, gobble, gobble up, impoverish, incur costs, ingest, invest, lay out, lose, open the purse, outlay, pass, pay, pay out, put in, put out, run through, sap, schedule, shell out, sink money in, spend, spill, splurge, squander, suck dry, swallow, swallow up, throw money around, use, use up, wash up, waste, waste away, wear away, while, while away, wile


  • IPA: /ɪkˈspɛnd/, /ɛkˈspɛnd/
  • noicon(file)
  • Rhymes: -ɛnd