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Etymology (plural etymologies)
  1. (uncountable) The study of the historical development of languages, particularly as manifested in individual words.
  2. (countable) An account of the origin and historical development of a word.

Derived terms

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bowwow theory, comparative linguistics, derivation, descriptive linguistics, dialectology, dingdong theory, eponymy, folk etymology, glossematics, glossology, glottochronology, glottology, grammar, graphemics, historical linguistics, language study, lexicology, lexicostatistics, linguistic geography, linguistic science, linguistics, mathematical linguistics, morphology, morphophonemics, origin, paleography, philology, phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, semantic history, semantics, sociolinguistics, structuralism, syntactics, transformational linguistics, word history


  • (RP) enPR: ĕt"ə-mŏl'ə-jē, IPA: /ˌɛt.ɪˈmɒl.ə.dʒi/, SAMPA: /%Et.I"mQl.@.dZi/
  • (GenAm) enPR: ĕt"ə-mŏl'ə-jē, IPA: /ˌɛtəˈmɑlədʒi/, SAMPA: /%Et@"mAl@dZi/