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Confrontation (plural Confrontations)
  1. The act of confronting or challenging another, especially face-to-face
  2. A conflict between armed forces


allegory, analogy, antagonism, anteposition, antipathy, antithesis, audience, balancing, bargaining, bargaining session, clashing, collision, collision course, comparative anatomy, comparative degree, comparative grammar, comparative judgment, comparative linguistics, comparative literature, comparative method, compare, comparing, comparison, conclave, confab, confabulation, conference, conflict, confrontment, congress, consultation, contention, contradiction, contradistinction, contraindication, contraposition, contrariety, contrast, contrastiveness, convention, correlation, council, council fire, council of war, counterposition, cross-purposes, disagreement, discrepancy, discussion, distinction, distinctiveness, encounter, exchange of views, eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, high-level talk, hostility, huddle, inconsistency, inimicalness, interchange of views, interview, joining, likening, matching, meeting, metaphor, narrow squeak, near thing, near-miss, negotiations, news conference, opposing, oppositeness, opposition, opposure, oppugnance, oppugnancy, palaver, parallelism, parley, perversity, polar opposition, polarity, polarization, posing against, pourparler, powwow, press conference, proportion, relation, rencontre, repugnance, seance, session, showdown, simile, similitude, sitting, summit, summit conference, summitry, trope of comparison, weighing