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Coincide (third-person singular simple present coincides, present participle coinciding, simple past and past participle coincided)

  1. To occupy exactly the same space.
  2. To occur at the same time.
  3. To correspond, concur, or agree.

Adverbs for Coincide

exactly; oddly; strangely; sardonically; singularly; amazingly; romantically; happily; fortunately; curiously; minutely; unexpectedly; tragically; occasionally; extraordinarily; crazily; closely.


be consistent, be in cahoots, be in phase, be in time, be of one, be uniform with, check, chime, chime in with, close with, coact, coexist, coextend, cohere, collaborate, collude, combine, concert, concord, concur, conform, conform to, conform with, conjoin, connive, consist with, conspire, contemporize, cooperate, correspond, ditto, dovetail, echo, equal, fall in together, fall in with, fit together, go along with, go together, go with, hang together, happen together, harmonize, hit, hold together, interlock, intersect, isochronize, jibe, join, keep in step, keep pace with, line up, lock, match, meet, overlap, parallel, register, register with, respond to, side with, sing in chorus, sort with, square, square with, stand together, strike in with, synchronize, synergize, tally, time, unite