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Bellow (plural Bellows)
  1. the deep roar of a large animal, or any similar loud noise


Bellow (third-person singular simple present Bellows, present participle Bellowing, simple past and past participle Bellowed)

  1. to make a noise like the deep roar of a large animal
  2. to shout or scream in a deep voice

Adjectives for Bellow

inflated; mysterious; bleating; righteous; forty-acre; overpowering; epochal; hearty; ludicrous; untuneful; cataclysmal; angry; summoning; resonant; stupendous; ear-shattering; huge; tempestuous; inhuman; fantastic; wonder-provoking; throaty; hoarse; terrified; subterranean; hollow.

Adverbs for Bellow

tumultuously; gloomily; piercingly; pleasedly; lustily; bleatingly; heartily; ludicrously; untunefully; resonantly; inhumanly; throatily; subterraneanly; hollowly; barbarously.