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From Middle English anteme < Old English antefn < Late Latin antiphōna < Ancient Greek ἀντίφωνα (antiphona) < ἀντί (anti, over against) + φωνή (phone, voice, sound). Compare antiphon.


  • IPA: /ˈænθəm/


Anthem (plural Anthems)
  1. (archaic) Antiphon.
  2. A choral or vocal composition, often with a religious or political lyric.
    The school's anthem sang of its many outstanding qualities, and it was hard to keep a straight face while singing.
  3. A hymn of praise or loyalty.
    The choir sang a selection of Christmas anthems at the service just before the big day.
  4. (informal) A very popular song or track.
    • 2003, Peter Buckley, The rough guide to rock
      In May 2000, they even finally cracked the UK top ten when they teamed up with Paul Van Dyk on the trance anthem "The Riddle"...

Derived terms


Agnus Dei; Benedicite; Brautlied; Christmas carol; Gloria; Gloria Patri; Gloria in Excelsis; Introit; Kunstlied; Liebeslied; Magnificat; Miserere; Negro spiritual; Nunc Dimittis; Te Deum; Trisagion; Vedic hymn; Volkslied; alba; alleluia; answer; antiphon; antiphony; art song; aubade; ballad; ballade; ballata; barcarole; blues; blues song; boat song; bridal hymn; brindisi; calypso; canso; cantata; canticle; canzone; canzonet; canzonetta; carol; cavatina; chanson; chant; chantey; chorale; church music; croon; croon song; dirge; ditty; doxology; drinking song; epithalamium; folk song; gospel; gospel music; hallelujah; hosanna; hymeneal; hymn; hymn of praise; hymn-tune; hymnody; hymnography; hymnology; introit; laud; lay; lied; lilt; love song; love-lilt; mantra; mass; matin; minstrel song; minstrelsy; motet; national anthem; offertory; offertory sentence; oratorio; paean; passion; prosodion; prothalamium; psalm; psalmody; recessional; report; requiem; requiem mass; response; responsory; sacred music; serena; serenade; serenata; song; spiritual; theme song; torch song; versicle; war song; wedding song; white spiritual


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