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Amaze (third-person singular simple present Amazes, present participle amazing, simple past and past participle amazed)

  1. To fill with wonder and surprise; to astonish, astound, surprise or perplex.


Amaze (uncountable)
  1. (now poetic) Amazement, astonishment.

Adverbs for Amaze

perfectly; absolutely; ludicrously; indignantly; honestly; utterly; unboundedly; mutually; bewilderedly; unutterably; speechlessly; blankly; raptly; helplessly; ineffably; dumbfoundedly; haughtily; unconcealedly; senselessly; horribly.


addle; admiration; affect; amazement; astonish; astound; awe; awestrike; baffle; bamboozle; beat; bedaze; bedazzle; bewilder; boggle; bowl down; bowl over; buffalo; confound; confoundment; daze; dazzle; dumbfound; dumbfounder; flabbergast; floor; fuddle; get; impress; keep in suspense; lick; marveling; maze; move; muddle; mystify; nonplus; overwhelm; paralyze; perplex; petrify; puzzle; stagger; startle; stick; strike; strike dead; strike dumb; strike with wonder; stump; stun; stupefy; surprise; take aback; throw; touch; wonderment


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