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From German Allergie. Coined by Austrian pediatrician Clemens von Pirquet in 1906 from Ancient Greek ἄλλος (allos, other) + ἔργον (ergon, work, activity), on the model of Energie.


  • enPR: ălʹ-ər-ji, IPA: /ˈælərdʒi/, SAMPA: /"{l@rdZi/
    • (UK) IPA: [ˈæl.ə.dʒi]
    • (US) IPA: [ˈæl.ɚ.dʒi]
  • Hyphenation: al‧ler‧gy


Allergy (plural allergies)
  1. (pathology, immunology) A disorder of the immune system causing adverse reactions to substances (allergens) not harmful to most and marked by the body's production of histamines and associated with atopy, anaphylaxis, and asthma.
  2. (pathology) Any condition of hypersensitivity to a substance.
  3. Altered susceptibility to a first treatment as exhibited in reaction to a subsequent one.
  4. (informal) An antipathy, as toward a person or activity.
    He is allergic to reality TV.



Derived terms


abhorrence; abnormality; abomination; acute disease; affection; affliction; ailment; allergen; allergic disease; allergic disorder; anaphylaxis; antagonism; antipathy; asthma; atrophy; aversion; bacterial disease; birth defect; blight; cardiovascular disease; chronic disease; circulatory disease; cold sweat; complaint; complication; condition; congenital defect; conjunctivitis; considerateness; cosmetic dermatitis; creeping flesh; defect; deficiency disease; deformity; degenerative disease; delicacy; disability; disease; disgust; disorder; distemper; eczema; empathy; endemic; endemic disease; endocrine disease; enmity; epidemic disease; exquisiteness; fineness; functional disease; fungus disease; gastrointestinal disease; genetic disease; handicap; hate; hatred; hay fever; hereditary disease; hives; horror; hostility; hyperesthesia; hyperpathia; hypersensitivity; iatrogenic disease; identification; illness; indisposition; infectious disease; infirmity; irritability; loathing; malady; malaise; morbidity; morbus; mortal horror; muscular disease; nausea; nervousness; neurological disease; nutritional disease; occupational disease; organic disease; oversensibility; oversensitiveness; overtenderness; pandemic disease; passibility; pathological condition; pathology; perceptiveness; perceptivity; photophobia; plant disease; pollinosis; prickliness; protozoan disease; psychosomatic disease; rejection; repugnance; repulsion; respiratory disease; responsiveness; revulsion; rockiness; rose cold; secondary disease; seediness; sensitiveness; sensitivity; sensitization; shuddering; sickishness; sickness; signs; soreness; supersensitivity; sympathy; symptomatology; symptomology; symptoms; syndrome; tact; tactfulness; tenderness; tetchiness; the pip; thin skin; ticklishness; touchiness; urogenital disease; urticaria; virus disease; wasting disease; worm disease